Prepping for Your Child’s First Orthodontic Appointment

Your child’s firsts are important. Their first tooth, their first dental check-up, their first tooth-fairy visit – all are huge milestones for your child’s smile, and their first orthodontic appointment is no different. It can also come with a lot of questions, however, so knowing what to do to prepare can help you make the most of this visit. From the Goings Orthodontics family to yours, here’s our guide to prepping for your child’s first orthodontic appointment so you can start treatment on the right foot. 

Visit an Orthodontist Early 

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child see an orthodontist by age 7. At this milestone, your child likely has a mix of baby and adult teeth, which gives their orthodontist a good idea of how their jaw is growing at an early stage. This appointment also allows your child’s orthodontist to intervene with an early orthodontic treatment plan should your child require it to give them better results in the long run. 

Schedule a Visit with Dr. Bradley Goings

Orthodontic treatment is a long-term doctor-patient relationship, so it’s important to find an orthodontist that aligns with your values and demonstrates expertise in their field. As one of the top orthodontists in Northern Colorado and a member of the community for over 17 years, you can trust Dr. Goings with all your orthodontic needs. 

Remember: while dentists are experts in general dental care, it’s better to see a certified orthodontist for braces or clear aligners. As a specialist in tooth movement with 4 additional years of education outside of dental school and 40 hours of yearly continuing education under his belt, Dr. Goings is qualified to give your child the best possible results. 

Take Care of the Logistics

Getting started with orthodontic treatment is just as much about the logistical details as it is about the straight smile at the end. Before your appointment, you’ll need to fill out paperwork to share your child’s insurance information, health history, treatment concerns, allergies, etc. Dr. Goings will keep this information on file for all future appointments, so you only need to fill it out if something changes. Taking care of your paperwork early can save time and energy during this first appointment, so you can be more present for your loved one. 

Find Ways to Make Them Feel Comfortable

Dental anxiety, or fear of visiting a dentist, is especially common in children and teens. For those who deal with this issue, that first orthodontic appointment can be incredibly overwhelming or stressful, but with the proper preparation, you can curb your child’s discomfort. 

There are many ways to help with this. For one, we recommend getting your child in to see an orthodontist as early as possible so they can become comfortable with the process and their practitioner. You can also open up dialogue at home, giving your child the space to ask questions about their appointment and express concerns. 

At Goings Orthodontics, you may accompany your child during the orthodontic exam and record taking. Oftentimes, your presence is just the thing to prevent them from feeling fear, and once they know it’s safe to visit the orthodontist, their concerns usually dissipate! 


Prepping for Your Child's First Orthodontic Appointment

Teach Them About the Importance of Treatment

Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that knowing the “why” behind the action is very important to a kid or teen. When you first tell them they’ll be going to visit an orthodontist for the first time, be sure to explain why they’ll be going. Talking about healthier teeth, improved speech, and, of course, that confidence-boosting smile can all get your child on board with their first orthodontic visit. 

While this is especially impactful for younger children, teens may also benefit from knowing the “why.” The more context you can give them, the more likely they will be to follow instructions during treatment and get excited about the outcome!

Research Your Treatment Options

The modern world of orthodontics is very different than it used to be. Treatment is more discreet and comfortable than ever, and there are more treatment options available for you to choose from. When deciding which orthodontic practice to work with, it’s important to find out which of these treatments they offer so you can be sure it’s available for your child when the time comes. 

Explain What to Expect

Sometimes, the best way to prepare for a first orthodontic appointment is simply to know what you can expect. Most orthodontic consultations work the same way: you fill out your paperwork, the treatment coordinator takes X-rays and digital scans, the doctor performs an oral exam, and you discuss the treatment recommendations and payment options. Then, voila! You’re ready to get started. 

Understanding this process can ease anxiety and eliminate any unknowns that might cause fear. It can also help make sure you leave no stone unturned during this process. 

Goings Orthodontics: Smiles Start Here

Whether you’re visiting us for your child’s first orthodontic exam or their last retainer check, our team is here for your every need. Straight smiles are our specialty, after all, and there’s nothing that makes us happier than making your family smile with confidence. If you’re ready to get started with orthodontic treatment, schedule your child’s first free orthodontic consultation in Fort Collins or Windsor today!