Dr. Goings

Your Smile Solution in Fort Collins & Windsor

I’m an orthodontics professional in Fort Collins and Windsor, Colorado who specializes in providing orthodontic treatment for all ages. I opened Goings Orthodontics in June 2007 with my wife, Kathryn. Together we have built our Fort Collins family dentistry and orthodontics practice from the ground up into what we are today.

I wanted to create a place where people feel comfortable, welcome, and receive excellent patient care. I also wanted to ensure that I have the latest technology and advancements for family dentistry in Fort Collins.

Why Orthodontics?

Prior to becoming a dentist, I was very interested in becoming an orthodontist because I’d needed orthodontics when I was younger. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t get me to an orthodontist early enough. By the time I finally saw an orthodontist, I was 12 or 13 and had two impacted canines (meaning my teeth were stuck in the bone).

I had to have a surgery to get the teeth to come in my mouth correctly. I also had to have an expander and full braces for approximately 5 years. When I was 18, I had jaw surgery to correct my underbite. I have been through the whole range of treatment with orthodontics. When everything was finished, my face, jaw and smile were completely transformed — changed.

I felt amazing. I wanted to have the ability to make others feel how I felt. That’s when I began looking into what I could do to become an orthodontist.

Outside of the Office

When I’m not helping patients get beautiful smiles with family orthodontics in Fort Collins, I’m busy spending time with my family. I have boy/girl twins. Their energy is contagious!

Together, we love hiking, golfing, playing outdoors, reading together, eating “spicy” chips (Doritos) and Cheez-Its, building snowmen and snow forts, and experiencing new places together. I also enjoy eating Mexican food and watching the great American sport of football.

Go Big Red!

Education & Experience

I grew up on a farm and ranch in western Nebraska and spent many summers visiting the northern Colorado area. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Chadron State College in northwestern Nebraska, I earned my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with high distinction, graduating among the top 10% of my class from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln in 1999.

I then served in the U.S. Air Force as a general dentist for five years and was stationed in England, just outside of Oxford. I was one of two dentists for the military members and their families and provided a variety of services like cleanings, extractions, root canals, and wisdom teeth surgeries. While there, I developed and directed the children’s dental education program as well.

In 2006, I graduated from the University of Colorado orthodontic program. I always knew I wanted to move to Northern Colorado and decided to build my first practice with family orthodontics in Fort Collins. Together, Kathryn and I have created a place that we feel is our second home. We want our patients to feel comfortable and welcome when they come into our family dentistry practice in Fort Collins and while they’re in treatment.